MSM Poly was created for the express purpose of producing a generic acrylonitrile methyl acrylate copolymer latex resin (AMAC) for the global packaging industry. The need for this came after INEOS closed the only manufacturing plant for AMAC resin in October 2016. INEOS manufactured AMAC under the trade name Barex®. 

MSM POLY is financed and led by Patrick Mickle, who in 1982 founded and led Kelcourt Plastics, Inc., a leading supplier of custom extrusions to the medical device industry.

Patrick Mickle

Patrick was the founder and CEO of Kelcourt Plastics, Inc. of San Clemente, CA. Kelcourt was founded in 1982 and provided custom extrusion services to the medical device industry.  Kelcourt was sold in a private equity purchase in 2010. At that time Kelcourt had revenues in excess of $40 million and facilities in San Clemente and San Diego, California, Nogales, Arizona, Singapore and the Republic of Ireland. 

Mr. Mickle has a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University and prior to starting Kelcourt was an engineer and marketing product manager for Bentley Laboratories in Irvine, California and a marketing product manager for William Harvey, a division of C.R. Bard in Santa Ana, California.

Peter Schmitt

Peter began his career in the early 1980’s selling film and sheet for Witt Plastics in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Together with John Witt, he built a distribution company, selling various types of polymeric raw materials (film, sheet, and synthetic resin) to the medical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries. Polymerland, then part of GE Plastics, bought that business.

At Polymerland, Peter continued to work with suppliers, customers, and other players to develop new businesses, products, and technologies in the region, including a state-of-the-art blow molding plant for water bottles and other high-end engineering products.

Peter went on to found Montesino Associates, followed by Montesino Technologies. Montesino worked with both material suppliers (resin, film, and sheet) and technology suppliers (Rodolfo Comerio) to develop expertise in polymers, especially PVC, and packaging.

Peter is an active member of the SPE and IoPP. 

Barex® is a registered trademark of INEOS. 

Dan Mullock

Dan Mullock grew up in eastern Pennsylvania and attended Muhlenberg College in Allentown, graduating in 1977.  Upon graduation he entered the US Air Force and served between 1978 and 1984. 

Since then Dan has worked in a variety of purchasing, supply chain and senior executive positions.  He started his career in procurement at Procter and Gamble in commodity chemicals and toll processing procurement for alcohols and surfactants.   In 1989 he left Procter and Gamble and led procurement of fertilizers, agrichemicals and packaging for Chiquita Brands.  In 2000 he joined US Plastic Lumber as a procurement and marketing executive with various supply chain, purchasing and product development functions.  During 2003 to 2008 Dan created and led the procurement department for Constar International, at the time one of the four largest PET bottle manufacturers in the world.  Dan procured more than a half billion pounds of polymer annually and also led the sourcing, implementation and ongoing management of toll processors for production of the barrier polymers used in PET to give better oxygen and other gas permeation resistance.  In 2008 Dan began working with private equity owned plastics processors including Tekni-Plex, where he created and ran a procurement department for that multi-site global plastics processor.  Again while there he sourced barrier films and barrier enhancement polymers and polymer additives. 

Upon leaving Tekni-Plex in 2014 after its successful turnaround and sale, Dan began consulting with multi-site and global companies on procurement and specialty materials supply development.  He separately met Peter Schmitt and Patrick Mickle during his Tekni-Plex years and introduced them to each other when starting the development of what has become MSM POLY LLC.  Dan is deeply experienced in chemicals and barrier product sourcing and supply chain management and in managing toll processor relationships in the plastics and chemicals industry.   Dan lives in Collegeville PA and Charleston SC.